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Jack Schultz

Jack Schultz-Intricate Imagery Photography

Waterville, OH


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Jack Schultz has always had a love for photography which has been enhanced since his retirement in 2008.
Trying to see that little extra detail and beauty of things that most of us take for granted every day is what he
likes to capture with his photos. Favorite subjects include flowers, landscapes, local landmarks and travel.
His photos are on display and for sale in several coffee and gift shops including Mary's Apple Orchard Gift Shop {Grand Rapids, OH},
the Mill House Bed and Breakfast {Grand Rapids, OH}, and AW Floral in Whitehouse, OH.
Jack's photos have recently been added to the art collection at Silver Lining Gallery in Waterville, Ohio.
They are also featured for display at the RoMIUS Institute of NW Ohio on McCord Road near Central Avenue
in Toledo.
Note: Watermarks do not appear on finished product.

All images are Copyright © Jack F. Schultz. All rights Reserved. Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images without written consent from the artist is strictly prohibited.


Horseshoe Bend Panorama final


Water Lilies 3570


Blue Winged Teal in Flight 0374


Blue Winged Teals in Flight 0383


Trumpeter Swans in Flight over Marsh 7382


Old Barn 6557


Pelicans at Sunrise 4694 2nd b


Angry Swan 9789


Northern Pintail 6960


Ohio Stadium Entrance 8955


Pelicans at Sunrise 4651b 2


Speedboat at Horseshoe Bend 3592


Blue Winged Teals in Flight 0384


Mudhens Running 9596


Trumpeter Swan Chasing Canadian Goose 9774


Majestic Bald Eagle 0220


Wet Bald Eagle 0139


Perturbed Bald Eagle 0167


Cormorant King of the Hill 0275


Mallards 6973


Trumpeter Swan Chasing Canadian Goose 9775


Happy Hooker Bait Shop 8531


Lane Avenue Bridge and Schottenstein Center 8979


University Hall Ohio State University 8970


Woody Hayes Statue 8958